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TxT2Look - Approved Supplier to Sutton Agents Across Canada

2009-09-16 11:44:05

Toronto, July 15 - Sutton Group Realty Services Ltd. today announced an approved supplier of services agreement has been signed with Halifax based TxT2Look Inc. Effective immediately, all of Sutton's 9000 REALTORS® across Canada can begin using this powerful lead generation service on all of your property listings. As a Sutton agent, you can quickly and easily sign up at http://sutton.txt2look.com and instantly start using the power of text messaging to promote and market your listings.

Powered by TxT2Look's technology, Sutton Group's new mobile marketing service, available 24/7, responds automatically to requests for detailed property information from potential buyers. Today’s buyers want immediacy and by simply adding a sign rider displaying a unique property ID code and a 5 digit short code to your existing For Sale sign, you give buyers mobile access to your property details. Interested buyers can text the property ID to the 5 digit code and instantly receive the property description on their cell phone. As the listing agent, you will receive instant notification that someone is interested in that particular property. Plus. agents control the information that the buyer sees which can include price, features, direct web links, photos and of course, agent contact information.

Using TxT2Look can provide a service that compliments and enhances all of an agent's existing marketing and advertising efforts. Property Id codes can also be used for more than a sign rider, they can be attached to ads in the newspaper or added to any form of advertising they currently use, even radio.

SMS (text messaging) is currently the fastest form of communication and it is quickly becoming the preferred method of communicating, especially with 25 - 44 year olds. Its immediacy and ability to deliver instant information provides Sutton Realtors with a new and improved way to reach their target market. TxT2Look's technology also improves the agent's control over the buying cycle by using text alerts to encourage the buyer to take action. Once the "conversation" is established with the buyer, agents can also use TxT2Look's text messaging service to schedule a showing, to announce an open house, a price reduction, or a new property in the same neighborhood.