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TxT2Look.com is a leading mobile marketing and SMS technology company specializing in text messaging as a marketing and sales tool. The company provides a service that allows anyone to access instant information by entering 2 short codes into their phone when they see an ad or sign displaying a property or item for sale, rent, etc. 

Although the real estate property market is the primary service offering, our platform can also easily work the same way for commercial property, rentals, leasing, autos, boats, etc, etc...really anything that people can require additional instant information such as price, terms, contact info, etc.

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada with offices across Canada and our US office located in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, we invite your comments, inquiries, feedback and partnership interest. Please direct all general inquiries to admin@TxT2Look.com. If you have a sales related question, please view our Contact Us page for the appropriate territory.